About Theisen & Brock

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!” – Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part II, Act IV.

Often misquoted and severely misinterpreted, this phrase was actually Shakespeare’s tribute to our profession.  The accolade was spoken by an anarchist who sought to overthrow the government.  In this very phrase, Shakespeare acknowledges that attorneys are the front line defenders of the Constitution, civil liberties and rights, and the rule of law.  In order to achieve anarchy you must rid society of the people who uphold the law.

So, too, at TheisenBrock we strive to represent our clients in a professional and zealous manner.  No two clients are alike, and it is our mission to address each client’s specific needs in the manner that best suits the circumstances.  Our clients know that they are in good hands when they walk into our office and that we will employ every resource available to us to achieve a positive result.

TheisenBrock was established in the 1950s by the late William M. Summers, and we are proud of the many long-lasting relationships and friendships we have developed with our clients over the last 60+ years. We are a full service firm offering a wide range of legal expertise in estate planning and asset protection, probate, taxation, oil and gas, real estate, collections, commercial litigation, insurance defense, labor and employment, business formation, bankruptcy, health law, landlord/tenant law, and mediation. We are licensed to practice law in Ohio and West Virginia and in the federal courts of these states. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior legal representation, timely and attentive service, and a professional staff that is sensitive to our clients’ needs.

Our attorneys have earned professional reputations throughout Ohio, but we also share a commitment to our community.  TheisenBrock attorneys are coaches, Scout leaders, members of various Chambers of Commerce, active members of our churches and service organizations,  guest lecturers, and civic leaders.  We invest our time and resource in our community because we believe that the health of a community is reflected in the civic participation of its citizens.