Alternative Dispute Resolution

Increasingly, alternative dispute resoulution is being utilized as a cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation. The primary methods utilized are binding arbitration and mediation. In many cases, these methods are required by commercial agreements and by courts prior to trial. In West Virginia and in many local jurisdictions in Ohio, mediation is mandatory and/or conducted when requested by a party. Binding arbitration is usually a result of contract or private agreement by the parties.

Counsel affiliated with our firm are experienced in all types of ADR. We routinely represent parties in arbitration and mediation. Our attorneys are also called upon from time to time serve as arbitrators. Certain of our attorneys serve as mediators in multiple jurisdictions. We have experience in a wide range of disputes including personal injury, commercial disputes, oil and gas disputes, labor and employment, intellectual property, and most areas of civil law except domestic relations. Our experience ranges from small car accidents to politically sensitive litigation to employment matters to torts involving multiple claimants.